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Environment, climate, conflict, and peacebuilding

Environment, climate, conflict, and peacebuilding (ECCP)

As part of its mandate on community management, the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform aims to strengthen networking and community building in different topics within the peacebuilding sector. The Geneva Dialogue on Environment, Climate, Conflict, and Peace aims to foster inter-institutional collaboration and dialogue, promote shared learning and innovation, and mainstream these topics across the board between the environment, climate, conservation, conflict, security, and peace sectors.

These goals are achieved through three primary activities: briefings and convenings, the development of a White Paper on Environmental Peacebuilding, and the Geneva contribution towards the Environmental Peacebuilding Association’s Road to GenevaIn light of covid19, all convenings and briefings are occuring digitally until further notice. Persons interested in joining this track should contact Annika at annika[@]gpplatform[dot]ch. 

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Resources, newsletters, and events in environment, climate, conflict, and peace 


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Major Upcoming Events for the Geneva Dialogue:

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Upcoming briefings and convenings for researchers & practitioners

Facilitated Discussion - 22 September - Monthly Meeting online

Facilitated Discussion - 23 September - Monthly Meeting in person

Facilitated Discussion - 19 October - Monthly Meeting

Geneva Peace Week - 1 to 5 November 

Facilitated Discussion - 16 November - Monthly Meeting


Previous public briefings and convenings:

Briefing - 29 June - Lindsey Cook, Human rights, climate change, and peacebuilding: Meeting Summary

Update and Information Session - 21 June - White Paper Update Presentation

Facilitated Discussion - 15 June - Meeting Summary

Facilitated Discussion - 8 June - Geneva Peace Week 2021 Planning Session

Briefing - 18 May - Claire McAllisterAn update from SIPRI on the Environment of Peace project: Meeting Summary and Presentation

Facilitated Discussion - 11 May - Meeting Summary

Briefing - 20 April - Catherine-Lune GraysonClimate security and humanitarian action: Meeting Summary

Facilitated Discussion - 13 April - Meeting Summary

Facilitated Discussion - 16 March - Wim Zwijnenburg, Exploring nature-based solutions: Meeting Summary

Briefing - 2 March 2021 - Erika Weinthal and McKenzie Johnson, The environmental peacebuilding policy landscape: Meeting Summary

Facilitated Discussion and Presentation - 16 February 2021 - Environmental peacemaking meeting summary

Briefing - 9 February 2021 - CGIAR Climate Security, Food and climate security: Meeting Summary

Facilitated Discussion - 26 January 2021 - Meeting Summary

Briefing - 8 December 2020 - Serge Stroobants, Institute for Economics and Peace: Meeting Summary

Facilitated Discussion - 1 December 2020 - Ruth Miller, Native Movement: Meeting Summary

Briefing - 17 November 2020 - Dina Ionesco and Alice Baillat, International Organisation for Migration: Meeting Summary and Presentation

Briefing - 13 October 2020 - Silja Halle, United Nations Environment Programme: Meeting Summary

Facilitated Discussion - 6 October 2020 - Doug Weir, The Conflict and Environment Observatory: Meeting Summary available upon request

Facilitated Discussion - 28 September 2020 - Tobias von Lossow, Clingendael Institute: Meeting Summary

Briefing - 10 June 2020 - Beatrice Mosello, adelphi: Meeting Summary

Facilitated Discussion - 27 May 2020 - Roberto Forin, Mixed Migration Centre: Meeting Summary

Participants may contact Annika ( for additional summaries of meetings not listed here.


GPW20: Digital Series on Environmental Peacebuilding

Geneva Peace Week 2020 Closing Ceremony, with guests including Inger Andersen (Executive Director of UNEP), Ambassador Nazhat Shameem Khan (Permanent Representative of the Republic of Fiji ), Johanna Lissinger Peitz (Ambassador, Government Offices of Sweden, Ministry the Environment), Juan Mayr Maldonado (former Environment Minister for Colombia), Hani Abbas (Cartoonist), Irene Ojuok (Climate resilience and land restoration specialist), Carl Bruch (Environmental Law Institute and President of Environmental Peacebuilding Association), and more.


Video panel: 'A legal framework for environmental peacebuilding,' created by The Conflict and Environment Observatory. This film introduces the legal principles on the protection of the environment in relation to armed conflicts that are being developed by the UN's International Law Commission, and considers how they could help support environmental peacebuilding, and be implemented. Through interviews with leading experts, it also examines the principles’ relevance for regulating the extractives industry, for protecting environmental human rights in conflict and during occupations, and for supporting peacebuilding through biodiversity conservation.

Infographic on relevant podcasts on the topic of 'climate risk management and peacebuilding'. See the infographic here.