The knowledge hub for better peacebuilding


The Geneva Peacebuilding Platform is a knowledge hub that connects the critical mass of peacebuilding actors, resources, and expertise in Geneva and worldwide. Founded in 2008, the Platform has a mandate to facilitate interaction on peacebuilding between different institutions and sectors, and to advance new knowledge and understanding of issues and contexts related building peace. It also plays a creative role in building bridges between International Geneva, the United Nations peacebuilding architecture in New York, and peacebuilding activities in the field. The Platform's network comprises more than 4'000 peacebuilding professionals working on building peace directly or indirectly. The Platform provides policy-relevant advice and services, ensures the continuous exchange of information through seminars, consultations, and conferences, and facilitates outcome-oriented dialogues on peacebuilding practice.

What is the Platform's mandate?

The Platform is mandated by five partner institutions to act as a ‘knowledge hub’ to advance new knowledge and understanding of peacebuilding issues and contexts, and to facilitate the interaction on peacebuilding between different institutions and sectors.

The overall goal of this mandate is to nurture the networking of peacebuilding resources in Geneva and worldwide; and build bridges between International Geneva, the United Nations peacebuilding architecture in New York, and peacebuilding activities in the field.

In support of this mandate, the Platform will:

  • Develop a network of peacebuilding professionals and institutions; 

  • Provide policy-relevant advice and services;

  • Ensure a continuous exchange of information, and necessary ‘reality checks’, through formal or informal seminars, consultations, and conferences; and

  • Work across institutional and sectorial divisions.

What are the Platform’s aims?

  • Adding value by generating substance, analysis or understanding on peacebuilding at the cross section of institutions, sectors, and disciplines.

  • Enabling frank and open exchange by locating discussions outside official meetings on positions and above institutional and sectorial silos and ‘turf wars’.

  • Listening to the voices of local peacebuilders so that those building peace on a daily basis are heard in Geneva, New York, and other major policy centres.

How does the Platform work?

  • Finding solutions from the bottom-up by building strong partnerships with a range of actors at various levels tailored to a specific topic or context.

  • Network peacebuilding resources in Geneva and worldwide by facilitating connections across institutions and sectors and by synthesising promising practice.

  • Ensuring continuous exchange about peacebuilding issues, practice, and contexts through seminars, consultations, conferences, and multi-stakeholder processes.

2018 - 2019 Programme of work

Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2018, the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform is increasingly recognized as an entry-door into Geneva’s peacebuilding world, and as an umbrella for activities on peacebuilding for Geneva-based actors. This two-year programme aims to strengthen the Platform’s function as a hub for practical peacebuilding expertise and know-how that draws upon field experience and research. The Programme concentrates on four main areas: Incubating new ideas and practice for peacebuilding; networking peacebuilding resources; convening on peacebuilding issues and contexts; and knowledge capture and management.

Key activity highlights are:

  • Geneva Peace Week: The Platform acts as an engine for the organization and development of an annual Geneva Peace Week in collaboration with other partners. The aim is to establish Geneva Peace Week within the global peacebuilding calendar and facilitate a gradual process to strengthen its partnerships and management.

  • Peace Talks Initiative: The Platform will actively engage in developing the Initiative and act as co-organizer of the Geneva Peace Talks.

  • New Annual Retreat: In 2018 the Platform will pilot a retreat and brainstorm on ‘What Next in Peacebuilding’ that is targeted at key peacebuilding stakeholders in Geneva including partners, Advisory Board members and guests.

  • Technical Working Groups (TWGs): The Platform will strengthen the TWGs on urban safety and peacebuilding and on business and peace, and will advance these with a focus on the prevention of violent conflict as a cross-cutting theme.

  • Network Management: The Platform will elaborate and implement a network development strategy in order to deepen the existing network.

Programmes of work

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