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Papers 14 - 21: Paper Series of the Technical Working Group


Technical Working Group Papers

GPP Papers 14-21 represent a special series for the Technical Working Group on the Confluence of Urban Safety and Peacebuilding Practice. They can be downloaded here below.

14. Understanding the Grammar of the City: Urban Safety and Peacebuilding Practice through a Semiotic Lens (Jütersonke and Austin 2016)

15. Responses to Conflict that Work (Wennmann and Ganson 2016)

16. Entry Points for Programming across Urban Safety and Peacebuilding (Grob, Papadovassilakis, and Ribeiro Fadon Vicente 2016)

17. Partnerships for Urban Safety in Fragile Contexts: The Intersection of Community Crime Prevention and Security Sector Reform (Homel and Masson 2016)

18. Negotiating with Criminal Groups: From Prejudice to Pragmatism (van den Eertwegh 2016)

19. Case Studies on Urban Safety and Peacebuilding: Lagos, Beirut, Mitrovica, Treichville and Johannesburg (Grob, Papadovassilakis, and Ribeiro Fadon Vicente 2016)

20. The Programme Conjoint de Renforcement de la Sécurité Urbaine in Ouagoudougou, Bourkina Faso: Lessons Learned (Parent 2016)

21. Building Peace: An Annotated Resource Pack (Wennmann 2016)

Peacebuilding and Urban Safety Resources

Partners' Consultation Final Report on the UN Safer Cities Guidelines (Women in Cities International 2016)
Making Cities Safer: Citizen Security Innovations from Latin America (Muggah, Szabó de Carvalho, Marmolejo and Wang 2016)
What Works in Reducing Community Violence (Apt and Winship 2016)
Sustaining Peace in the City - Perspectives on Urban Safety (Wennmann 2016)
Governing Safer Cities in a Globalized World (Draft for Discussion - March 2016)
Visualizing Urban Fragility (Muggah 2016)
Perspectives from Cities in Crises (IMPACT and UCLG 2016)
Non-state Security Providers and Political Formation in Somalia (Menkhaus 2016)
White Paper on Peacebuilding (Geneva Peacebuilding Platform 2015)
Searching for Common Approaches to Deal with Unconventional Conflicts and Violence in the Americas (Organization for American States 2015)
Gestión territorial de la seguridad ciudadana en el marco de la transición hacia la paz en Colombia (Pérez Salazar 2015)
Closing the Knowledge Gaps: Toward Evidence-based Crime Prevention Policies in Latin America and the Caribbean (Jaitman and Guerrero Compeán 2015)
The Welfare Cost of Crime and Violence in Latin America and the Caribbean (Jaitman 2015)
Trapped in the City – Communities, Insecurity and Urban Life in Fragile States (Knowledge Platform on Security and Rule of Law 2015)
Towards an integrated approach to training in peacebuilding and crime prevention (ideaborn 2015)
An evidence-based method to reduce shootings and killings (Cure Violence 2014)
Building Peace in Urban Setting: Lessons from the Ground and Recommendations for Collaboration (Milliken 2014)
If Mayors Ruled in Somalia (Menkhaus 2014)
Managing Urbanization: Towards Sustainable Cities (German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development 2014)
Peacebuilding and the City: Setting the Scene (Krause and Jütersonke 2013)
Mapping Citizen Security Interventions in Latin America: Reviewing the Evidence (Muggah and Aguirre 2013)
Building Urban Safety through Slum Upgrading (UN-Habitat 2011)
Working Against Violence: Promising Practices in Armed Violence Reduction and Prevention (Eavis 2011)
Armed Violence Reduction and Prevention: What Works? (UNDP 2010)
Guns in the City: Urban Landscapes of Armed Violence (Jütersonke, Krause, Muggah 2007)
Human Security for an Urban Century: Local Challenges, Global Perspectives (Canadian Consortium on Human Secuity 2006)