Initiative Publications
Geneva Peace Calendar 2017
The Geneva Peace Calendar is an initiative of the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform to foster cooperation and synergies between Geneva-based institutions working in the fields of conflict prevention and peacebuilding and related efforts to strengthen peaceful and inclusive societies.
Paper Series
Paper 23: Entry Points for Preventing Youth Engagement in Political Violence: Lessons from Burundi’s 2015 Elections
This paper presents key findings from the project entitled, “Bumbatira Amahoro – Keeping the Peace: Engaging Youth Leaders to Prevent Conflict in Burundi,” which aimed to reduce the engagement of un(der)employed youth – political party leaders and members, ex-combatants, civil society leaders, and other vulnerable youth – in political violence around the 2015 elections.
Paper Series
Paper 22: Urban safety and security: Lessons from the last two decades and emergent issues
The present report synthesizes some of the most important lessons on urban safey to date.
Paper Series
Papers 14 - 21: Paper Series of the Technical Working Group
GPP Papers 14-21 represent a special series for the Technical Working Group on the Confluence of Urban Safety and Peacebuilding Practice.
Brief Series
Brief 10: Business and the UN Peace and Security Agenda
Various UN reviews and multilateral processes provide an opportunity to rethink the role of business in the UN peace and security agenda.
Whitepaper Series
White Paper on Peacebuilding
The White Paper on Peacebuilding reflects a 12-month process involving in-depth conversations and consultations.