Among the highlights of the past year was the commemoration of the 10th anniversary of Geneva Peace Week, a seminal event that brought together over 5500 participants and hosted 61 thought-provoking events. This milestone celebration underscored the platform's commitment to dialogue, collaboration, and innovation in the pursuit of sustainable peace.

Additionally, the platform facilitated crucial discussions through publications such as the Geneva Consultations, where stakeholders from various sectors converged to provide their views to the new Agenda for Peace proposed by the United Nations Secretary-General. This collaborative effort exemplifies the platform's dedication to harnessing and showcasing the immense wealth of collective expertise on peacebuilding  present in International Geneva.

Moreover, the platform's engagement extended beyond Geneva, with notable participation in COP28 through the ECCP Community of Practice, advocating for peace amidst environmental challenges. Furthermore, the platform bridged continents by bringing Geneva Peace Week to New York, fostering dialogue and trust-building initiatives between these two multilateral hubs. As the world continues to grapple with multifaceted challenges, the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform remains steadfast in its mission to cultivate sustainable peace through inclusive and collaborative action.

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2023 Activity Report

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